Brad speaks regularly about creativity and compassion to audiences young and old, big and small. His work has inspired and encouraged millions of people around the world as he’s worked to creatively communicate hope to children of all ages. His story of joyfully rebelling against how things are to create the world as it should be has led to collaborations with many different types of communities, classrooms, brands, and more. Each talk is built to fit the event and audience. Companies, colleges, creatives, churches, schools, and more regularly bring Brad in to bring a dose of imagination and inspiration. Inquire here!

"I’ve loved all the times I’ve had a chance to be in the blast radius of his kind of extravagant love. Funny, sincere, and just plain good - Brad Montague is the kind of guy we all want on our team. Thankful for voices and hearts like his."

Bob Goff,
bestselling author and founder of Love Does


"Brad Montague is really the 21st century version of Mr. Rogers."

Jason borgen, 
director of learning & instruction
portola valley school district, SANTA CRUZ, CA


"Having Brad Montague at any gathering you host is like a gush of fresh air that everyone needs to breathe. He is not only an amazing communicator or an authentic spirit, he brings practical content that simplifies life in our complicated culture. The moment he opens his mouth everyone is listening. He will make you laugh, cry and instantly want to rewind what you just heard and hear it over and over again. His wisdom has changed the way I see the world and our community will forever be impacted by the touch of his humble nature. I could not recommend a greater person to anyone for anything - he is that rare gift that is always remembered and will never be replaced."



"Brad is an incredibly generous and encouraging speaker. His wisdom and integrity is a gift to the audience and the dedication he shows in preparation and communication is a gift to event organizers. His talk at the World Domination Summit was one of the highlights for everyone. Also, he's hilarious and everyone needs more hilarity in their life. We highly recommend him!"

Chris & Jolie Guillabeau
World Domination Summit


"Brad's talk at the YouTube Education Summit was one of the most memorable and inspirational talks that we have ever had. His craft for storytelling shines through when he speaks - truly drawing in and captivating his audience. Brad left a lasting mark on all of our attendees - in fact, three years later we still receive positive feedback from his session!"



"Brad Montague is a compassionate and inspiring speaker. His talk at CreativeMornings was a complete delight. Heartfelt stories paired with honesty and laughter, he makes everyone in the room feel like his friends and family. Brad’s talk remains one of the highlights of our organization and we cannot wait to have him revisit our community."